International Happiness Day


Today marks the first day of spring and International Happiness Day, I know this because Facebook and Snapchat informed me this morning (cheers to Zuckerberg and the Snapchat Gods). Looking out the window today it’s still gloomy, grey and I can hear the wind through my window. I’m currently laying in bed with some tea and toast and thinking to myself, although I am longing for a summer holiday, a much needed break from work and wondering when exactly it is that I won’t have to wear 489 layers daily, there are a lot things going on in my life right now that I am extremely happy and grateful for. So to celebrate International Happiness Day here are my five reasons to be happy this first day of spring.

1. Me and the boy are heading back to his endz in Cirencester today and meeting up with family to enjoy a belated birthday celebration for his Mum over a classic Sunday roast. Time spent in the company of friends, family and food for such a beautiful occasion will always make me smile inside and out.

2. Me being classic me I get severe menu fear so I checked it out beforehand (I know I seriously need to live a little, but that’s another blog post). The menu looks SO good and also includes one of my favourite desserts, like ever – Belgian Waffle *salavating*. This makes me very happy, so of course this had to make the list.

3. Taking control of my life and the decisions I make. Despite confidence issues I have started to put myself out there more and grab more career opportunities by the nuts. This has lead to some lovely networking invitations coming my way and even some paid freelance work!

4. It’s almost Easter break, which means me and the boy can enjoy some time off work exploring Bristol, eating all the chocolate and having some much needed duvet days watching Netflix.

5. Being so close to reserving my first home. In just a few months I can finally say that me and the boy will officially be homeowners. Eek!

What things are you happy or grateful for today?