5 Things I tell myself when I’m feeling down


Happy Saturday slay queens! I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s the weekend; honestly, truly. After a teaser of sunshine last weekend, I thought spring had truly sprung (are you sick of that sentence yet?) and warmer days were ahead of us. I ended up feeling betrayed by the weather man when Monday morning came around. It was cold, grey and rainy which made my mood went from merry to miserable real quick. It’s true what they say, the weather really  can affect your mood…

Much like the urban myth my bad luck came in three’s this week.

Starting with a rough day at work on Monday which left me feeling uncertain about the future of my job. Chipping my tooth and needing an emergency filling on the Wednesday. To finding out worrying news about my Nans health on the Thursday. I really had to fight the urge to curl up in a ball under my duvet and say NOPE to the world for a while.

Being a classic Aries my moods (deliberate or random as they are) consume me to the point where it’s hard to stay on the PMA train. I found myself slipping into the dangerous territory of comparing my series of unfortunate events to others seemingly living a happier life on social media. And it made me HELLA sad. When will I learn?!

Which brings me nicely to my next point – Instagram. *sigh*. The lack of inspiration I have with Instagram is so real lately. From the unforgiving algorithm to the constant feeling of self-doubt. I can’t help but fall into the cycle of asking myself 101 questions about my own journey and making my mood ten times worse. Is my blog good enough? Am I interesting enough? Am I relatable? Why don’t I have more blogging friendships like others seem to? All the usual ‘I should be sleeping but I’m awake scrolling on the gram’ thoughts really.

So whilst watching blogger babes on luxurious holidays and eating my body weight in chilli in my dressing gown, I decided to grab my laptop and jot down the things I like/need to tell myself when I’m feeling down.

1. All you need is music & a meme

I don’t know about you but when I put on one of my favourite albums or songs my mood does a complete 180. For example when I put on Chance the Rapper’s album and listen to songs like ‘Finish Line’ I can’t help but feel uplifted and blessed. When I blast Beyonce I can’t help but feel empowered and strong. When we’re feeling low, music is the greatest therapy. 

Also who doesn’t love a meme? When I’m feeling down I get myself on twitter or YouTube and find a good meme or vine which has my laugh sounding like I’m spraying a bottle

2. Get out

I mean this figuratively and literally. In my case me and my boyfriend decided to take a break from our sofa and use our cinema gift cards that we were given at Christmas to see Get Out.  It’s a MUST SEE btw.

And although I wasn’t feeling up to it at first I forced myself to go to a blogger event on Thursday and ended up having an amazing time and meeting the loveliest people. Including the ultimate blogger babe The Style Climate who I clicked with instantly – hey girl hey!

It’s amazing how new surroundings and meeting new people make me feel my best self.


3. Look how far you’ve come

I made myself look back at all the opportunities I’d been given from my blog so far. The people I’ve been able to meet and how much my life has changed (for the better) over the past few years. It’s important to put things into perspective and look how far you’ve come when you’re feeling lost about where you’re going.

Also I have to mention that Friday marked six months of being smoke-free! And if that’s not something to look back at as a massive achievement, I don’t know what is.

4. Plan, plan, plan

I love to put things in my diary to look forward to. There’s nothing more exciting than planning a girls night in or a date night out with the boy. More recently I’ve been planning day trips for my holiday to Barcelona and of course planning ALL of my outfits.

Seeing as it’s my birthday month I plan to drag out the celebrations and make a whole load of plans which makes me feel pretty damn happy to be honest.

5. Minding your business is self-care

Removing myself from gossip and drama is vital when I want to feel better. Not taking on other peoples problems when it has nothing to do with me isn’t self-centred, it’s self-care. 

What do you tell yourself when you’re feeling down?

Shirt | H&M

Jeans| Topshop

Shoes | Topshop

Jacket | Zara (similar here)

Photography by Katherine McMorran

  • Congratulations on quitting smoking! My husband quit a little while after we got together and he’s so glad he decided to stop. I’m not feeling Instagram at all at the moment. I just find the whole algorithm thing so rubbish and I can’t be bothered in the slightest to start messing around creating a theme! I do need to start posting on there more though x


    • Thank you! Honestly I can’t believe I’ve made it to 6 months I’m so chuffed with myself ? I really don’t bother with a theme, or even sticking to the same filters anymore lol I just post what I like when I like! But I have tried to up my engagement game and like, comment, talk more in general as it’s help me form some amazing blogger friendships online! xxx

      • You’re doing so well 🙂 I don’t think Dan ever thinks about smoking at all now. Yes I definitely need to post on there more and like and comment lots. I seem to do really well at it for a couple of days then do nothing for a week! So bad, I know xxx

  • I totally feel you on the whole Instagram/blog front – it’s so easy to fall into the comparison when we’re constantly bombarded by ONLY amazing things, achievements, happy moments, etc. and the whole Instagram algorithm nightmare! BUT, the grass is always greener on the other side, knowing that I remind myself to stay focused in my own hustle. Congrats on going smoke-free, I quit a little over a year ago and that was probably the best thing I’ve ever done! And to answer your question, I know you also LOVE dogs, so I would highly recommend checking these subreddits when you feel a little “meh” about things (or any other time haha) – /r/aww and /r/whatswrongwithyourdog!❤

    • My love for dogs is SO REAL and just the fact that you noticed makes me heart you even more!! ??? This is honestly made my day as I’ve never seen this before (SINFUL really). Congrats to you for quitting smoking too girl, it’s such an amazing achievement as at one point I really didn’t think I could. But it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and now I spend all that money on clothes, it’s bloody great.

      Also yeah instagram is incredible frustrating lately but I’m trying to push through because there’s so many more reasons why I love it. So you’re so right, let me just stay in my own lane and focus on me ??

  • I hope this week is going better!:( for the the struggle with Instagram at the moment is the pressure to post almost everyday and it’s kind of difficult because I’m currently away from home for an internship and this means
    – create content mostly during the weekends
    – not so many friends here or at least people who can understand the NEED of “I need some pictures for my blogInsta” where I need to be in there. It’s a shame because Brussels has some very nice blogger-friendly areas but I have no one to take pictures of me!!

    Caterina | http://www.caterinasosso.com

    • Omg you are so lovely thank you so much for your comment! I’m having a much better week thank you, how’s yours going?! ? I wish we were closer so we could go and take pictures together as I struggle with this too! lol It’s the feeling of NEEDING to post something on instagram everyday which can be so exhausting. I end up overthinking it and become less and less inspired each day that I don’t post…but i think it’s important not to force it.

      I’d say grab your camera, take yourself around your town and take a LOAD of shots. Anything from coffee pics to the spring blossoms or even your ootd in a snazzy bathroom mirror! You don’t need it anybody as long as you’ve got a timer that’s what I say 😉 it’s also about planning too so I’m going to try and dedicate a whole day to just taking loads of pictures so I have back up content for Instagram xx

      • It would be awesome living closer 🙁 if this weekend is sunny I want to go explore a little bit more Brussels and take some nice pictures, even if I’m dreaming of some shots of myself in the city centre! I will wait for my mom to come and visit me and the force her to take pictures of me lol xx